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Steve Dickens

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Steve is a security professional with extensive experience in the aviation sector.  Accomplished in delivering financial and operational security objectives to enhance public safety and security capabilities, and improve service to the customer.

His most recent role has provided a significant experience in integrating security into public infrastructure and preparing that infrastructure for opening.


Steve is very experienced in change management and business development for efficiency and profit.  He is an excellent communicator with strong negotiation skills and the ability to deliver results in a demanding commercial and strongly unionised labour environment.

Career History

2008                                  Aviation consultant - Joined MSP Solutions

1978 to 2008                               BAA plc, Heathrow Airport, London.

BAA is the world's largest airport organization, owning / operating 7 major UK airports and providing management services for overseas holdings.  Steve's portfolio includes property development, airfield operation , security, engineering and construction, mass transit (Heathrow Express rail service) and customer services (airport retail, Terminal facilities).  Revenue £2·23bn. with 12,000+ staff.

Security Compliance Manager – Terminal 5.

Steve was appointed to this position in May 2004 and tasked with setting up and proving the security infrastructure for Terminal 5. Working in a multi-functional team to support the T5 Build Team and reporting directly to the T5 Integration Director, responsibilities:

    Ensuring Terminal 5 receives Security Regulator (DfT) approval and meets all aviation security aspects to the highest standard.
    Advising the T5 Build Team on all aspects of security to meet ASIAD (Aviation Security in Airport Development) compliance, such as Access Control, Hold Baggage Screening, Passenger / Staff screening, passenger segregation, CCTV, bomb blast mitigation and building security.
    Managing T5 stakeholder relationships to meet Police, Special Branch, Customs & Immigration needs.


    Developed and implemented a security compliance tracking register with the DfT to address all security work streams and now recommended to the industry as best practice for major projects.
    Identified and agreed CCTV requirements for a shared 1,500 camera system with Police and Control Authorities (Immigration, Customs, SB), including a funding agreement.
    Developed and agreed Hold Baggage Screening and other key security protocols.
    Successfully integrated T5 in to the Heathrow restricted zone and security infrastructure.

Airport Security Manager Nov. 1997 - May 2004.

Steve was appointed to develop and implement security policy and standards, access control and training for all aspects of Heathrow Airport, with indirect responsibility for 2,500 security staff.  A demanding, often stressful role, requiring a commercially focused approach and extreme tact in handling sensitive staff issues in a highly unionised environment.  Reporting directly to the Director of Safety and Security, responsibilities were:

    Providing assurance to the Heathrow Airport Board, that all aspects of aviation security met or exceeded National Aviation Security Programme standards.

    Developing and implementing security policy in compliance with Heathrow Airport security standards.

    Managing airport ID security system to provide 80,000+ ID card holders access to restricted zones.
    Developing / providing aviation security training for 2,500+ security guards & 2-300 new starters p.a.
    Providing functional security leadership to line security managers - advice, guidance & direction.
    Managing BAA’s airport budget for Policing of £26m+ and working closely with the Police to coordinate airport response to given security threats.
    Liaising with Airlines and Trade Unions on security related matters and issues requiring resolution.


    Improved security by introducing New Screening Methodology (NSM – based on threat image projection and supported by trace detection), adopted by the DfT as an industry standard.
    Improved security by implementing a complete overhaul / review of a vetting system for ID card issue.
    Successfully negotiated an agreement with Trade Unions for use of CCTV in security screening areas.
    Completed the 100% hold baggage screening programme at Heathrow, and agreed protocols with the DfT which became industry standard.
    Responded to 9/11, by briefing airport community and introducing increased vigilance under Heightened Security Measures.
    Set up Heathrow MATRA process (Multi Agency Threat and Risk Analysis) which became the standard for UK airports.

Airside Security Manager Sept.1993 - Nov. 1997.

Appointed to manage the security for all external areas of Heathrow Airport.  Supported by a team of 450, reported to the Head of Airside with responsibility for:

    Managing a £10·5m. budget and 450 staff, including, overseeing recruitment, training and motivation.
    Managing, through the team, all external control posts providing access into Heathrow Airport and maintaining perimeter security.
    Maintaining security screening standards of all vehicles & staff gaining access through control posts.
    Managing the Cargo Examination Unit.


    Increased Airside Security efficiency and reduced overheads by restructuring and de-layering management levels from 5 to 3, with no adverse IR reaction and significant cost savings.
    Completed control post refurbishment while maintaining operation 24 / 7.
    Improved efficiency by introducing cost effective rosters and eliminating overtime.

Prior to 1993, held a number of HR posts which included trade union negotiation, change management, policy development and generalist HR support roles. These included:

Employee Relations Manager, Heathrow Airport

Departmental Personnel Manager, Heathrow Airport

              Training Manager, Heathrow Airport

              Senior Grading Officer, BAA Head Office.

              ER Office, Gatwick Airport.

              Personnel Office, Scottish Airports HO.

              Job Analyst, BAA HO.

Training & Education

DfT Level 3 Aviation Security Manager

Management training: HAY job evaluation and job analysis, criteria based interviewing, assessment centre based techniques, counselling skills, training for trainers, employment law updates and many in-house management development programmes.

B.A.(Hons) Law.

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