Business Management

MSP Solutions consultants have all previously held senior management positions in the airline and airports industries. They are very familiar with working inside a professional management team that is dedicated to running airlines and airports.  
Airline and Airport Management
In today’s hard pressed market conditions, the cutting of costs to improve profitability is essential. This is usually achieved by changing working processes, changing product specifications and improving procurement processes. This needs to be managed carefully but in doing this, it is always essential never to forget the customer.

MSP Solutions believe that it is vital the aviation industry recognises the constantly changing business environment. It is essential to adopt almost continual change in a way that keeps airlines and airports profitable.

MSP Solutions’ consultants have extensive practical management and development expertise and this enables us to help clients improve existing operations, or expanding activities to cope with planned future market growth and opportunities.

One area where we have special and unique expertise is our understanding of the interface between airports and airlines which is frequently an area of major difficulty.  Having an internal professional perspective from both an airport and airline viewpoint is extremely helpful in this type of issue.

Business Process Improvement
Business Process Improvement is a critical and continuous feature of effective airport management.  All commercial organisations need to evolve their methodology and their ways of managing business to take into account the changing environment and new business tools particularly in the current economic climate.  Airlines and airports need to remain competitive and ensure delivery of quality service at a cost-effective price.

MSP Solutions people have considerable experience of business process improvement both as ‘hands on’ professional managers and as consultants.

Interim Management
MSP Solutions can provide, or help to find, suitable people to assist clients who may want interim managers for critical or specialist roles for periods of between three months and two years.  We are currently providing an interim manager to a major international airport in connection with systems development in an important expansion programme.  In addition, we recently provided a managing director for commissioning and operating a new international airport terminal in Asia.

Where clients require permanent management, MSP Solutions’ People Management function is able to provide professional practical help to clients for both internal and external recruitment.  This expertise covers job specifications/descriptions, defining the qualities needed for specific roles and interviewing and assessing potential candidates for clients.  Further details are provided on our People page.

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