Strategic Management

MSP Solutions has a strong team of consultants with experience of all aspects of strategic management. MSP Solutions has carried out projects in many parts of the world on behalf of governments, airlines and airports.
Forecasts are highly dependant on economic, social and political trends. MSP Solutions has long experience in the analysis of economic trends and how they impact on the aviation industry.

Our particular skill is being able to develop economic analyses to reflect a range of scenarios. We have considerable experience of working with clients to enable them to understand the significance of various assumptions and how they impact on business forecasts.

Three of our consultants have been professional economists with extensive planning and forecasting expertise and one has been a professional forecaster in the oil industry.

Strategic Planning
The industry makes massive long term commitments, but frequently lacks long term direction and adopts a marginal approach to growing its business.

In recent years there has been a tendency to move ownership of both airports and airlines from the public state-owned sector towards private ownership in the form of listed limited liability companies on stock exchanges.  This change has accelerated the importance of the industry delivering financial performance sufficient to remunerate the capital employed on a commercial basis.

Procurement and Purchasing Management
Procurement and Purchasing Management are key activities in today’s civil aviation industry.  Reducing the cost of supplies of goods and services is a major area where improved performance can be achieved.  

MSP Solutions has considerable experience of managing the procurement process including tendering and the critical final negotiations on behalf of clients.

Master Planning
Airport developments are long term projects with a life of 25 years or more. Consequently, it is essential to get the plans right at the very beginning to avoid costly modifications later on. It is therefore essential that airports develop a master plan which identifies key long term objectives.

Master plans form the basis of future capital expenditure. They provide assurance of the resources needed to handle future passenger and cargo demand. Surface access and interface with other transport modes are also key features of a master plan.

MSP Solutions has a strong background in airport master planning with its consultants having been involved in master planning roles for a number of major airports both in the UK and elsewhere.

Terminal Design, Layout and Flow Management
Our skills and experience can help airport clients define their terminal building requirements.  In this role, we can provide an important contribution to the architects in developing the design brief.

MSP Solutions have consultants who are familiar with terminal design, airport layouts, passenger flow management, baggage, cargo.

MSP Solutions’ airline experience provides a unique insight into the airport/airline interface in terminal and airport design, a critical feature frequently overlooked within the industry.

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