About Us

MSP Solutions has extensive aviation, airline and airport experience in both consulting and management.

MSP Solutions was formed in 2003. Our company strength derives from an in depth knowledge of both airlines and airports. Our people have held senior management positions in airports, airlines and other related industries. Consequently, we have a unique understanding of the complex issues arising from the interfaces between the many stakeholders.

Our Chairman, Angus Walker, brings a wealth of experience to the company, including Government relations, financing and consulting.

Our Non-Executive Director and Deputy Chairman, Tom Carter is extremely highly regarded for his achievements within aviation and business management spheres

Our Managing Director, John Borkowski, is supported by six executive directors, Brian Finch, Tim Ward, Ted Daynes, Bob Young, Leon Chasteauneuf and Laurence Heath. They are all highly experienced practitioners, mainly from within civil aviation - both airlines and airports - in managerial roles and/or in consulting. However, they have also been involved in a number of other industrial and commercial sectors.

Our people have a successful track record of applying their skills, experience and knowledge in sectors that include:

  •   Airlines, Airports and Air Transport
  •   Energy and Natural Resources
  •   Chemicals
  •   Tourism
  •   Rail
  •   Government and the Public Sector

We have also recently broadended our portfolio of services by establishing VTM Aviation. 

Successful airports are ultimately dependent on all stakeholders working collaboratively and effectively together to deliver top level performance continuously and consistently throughout each and every day. Everyone must be committed to a credible programme of continuous improvement.

To improve operational performance and profit VTM Aviation has developed an innovative collaborative process designed specifically for airports, called Airport Performance Improvement (API). API has proved to be a powerful catalyst to promote the engagement of all airport stakeholders and deliver both profit and customer service improvements.

Details can be seen at www.vtmaviation.com

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