MSP Team Members (Excluding Directors)

Jon Green

Jon has over 23 years hands on experience in Airline Operations and planning. As a Operations Control  Manager he was instrumental in introducing new technology and working practices into Crew planning, Crew Operations, Aircraft and Maintenance control.

He spent many years looking at the best  processes and I.T. responses to disruption management and has been involved in most of British Airways’ (BA) front line Operational decision making in recent years.

Some key elements of Jon’s career.

1985 Produced the first computerised workable Short-haul Cabin Crew Rosters.  

Before 1985 only  B.A Long-haul had a system to plan and track crew. Jon produced the first short-haul crew schedule in the new INCRA system, then followed the plan in to the current ops area. He also maintained the Crew Leave system.

1986 – 1987 Implementing a single Cabin Crew control for B.A.

The Airline was using the same system for crew planning and tracking however the on the day control was still in the hands of two different sets of staff with working practices that reflected BA’s pre-merger organisations. During this time he led a team that scoped and put out to tender a Cabin Crew voice response system that saved recruiting heads. Knowledgeable dealing with I.T. suppliers producing one of the best returns on system investment for the Airline.     

1988 At LGW introducing B.A. Crew systems and working practices after the Caledonian takeover.

Although B.A. Systems and real time Aircraft information were superior he realised the crewing expertise of the Caledonian staff was at a more robust level than at B.A. , especially in the area of Flight Time Limits and rest requirements. As a result Caledonian staff were used extensively for  training at LHR.

1989-1995 Cabin Crew Control and Planning  -  Bringing Planning and Ops closer together.

Relocating  the crewing staff from Gatwick, introducing a new Crew leave system, assessing alternative replacement crewing systems. Daily contact with Crew Trade unions and extended discussions involving new Crew agreements.

1995 - 2001 Duty Manager Ops Control Heathrow - Combining Short haul and Long haul Ops Control.

Jon was the first dual trained Duty Operations Duty manager, designed the training plan and new layout of a joint Ops Control. Decanted Ops Control three times to its emergency fallback centre for training and reorganisation purposes.

2002 – 2006  Ops Control Manager - leading major change to Aircraft Control to encompass SAP.  

First real changes to Aircraft control for over 15 years. Scoped new system to comply with E.U. Compensation policy for Ops. Produced protocols for Ops Controls relationship with Heathrow Centre. Worked with I.T. Companies , E.U and Universities  on a  disruption management system. Produced interim disruption control methods in conjunction with Heathrow Centre. Worked  closely with subsidiary , franchisees and One-World Airlines in times of disruption and shared I.T. developments. 

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