MSP Team Members (Excluding Directors)

Martin Hawley

MartinHawley2 000Martin is a career consultant who specialises in business, operational and organisational issues, in the air transport and more recently defence sectors.

Martin was part of the team advising the lending banks on the Airline Group’s business plan for UK NATS Public Private Partnership.

He is currently supporting Bosnia-Herzegovina’s DCA in a business case for their new Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP).Martin held an interim management role as Commercial Lead for the UK Ministry of Defence’s Key System Advisor (KSA). Other recent work includes: a security study to define a threat appraisal methodology for ANSPs; development of a new operational concept to improve air traffic flow management and building the business case for it; guidelines for National Supervisory Authorities in respect of designation of air traffic services. Martin is also experienced in carrying out market studies, for example in support of new market entrants and investment plans.

Martin’s operational experience stems from a variety of assignments including airport airside operations. He held an interim management position as head of airport capacity studies for UK NATS and a similar position as head of environmental studies. He supported EUROCONTROL in several initiatives relating to airport airside capacity and efficiency, including collaborative decision making.

Martin’s organisational experience stems from the UK CAA where he was part of the team transforming the CAA Corporate Centre during the creation of NATS Public Private Partnership. After the separation of CAA and NATS, Martin held an interim management position as CAA Head of Corporate Strategy and Planning. More recently he was part of the team managing a six-States central European FAB study where, among other things, he supported the development of international cooperation models and the resulting requirements on regulatory

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