MSP Team Members (Excluding Directors)

Ray Perry

Ray has well over 40 years professional experience in aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul of which a large part was spent with British Airways Engineering, where he rose to a senior position responsible for the strategic development of the business.   As an airline professional manager he spent considerable time periods in aircraft engineering planning and business development.  He has also led strategic business developments with other organisations as well as working for multinational alliances and joint ventures in the aircraft engineering sector.

His last three key roles with British Airways key responsibilities and achievements were:

1994–8           Business Development Manager-Heathrow Airport, London.

Developed BA investment and support of a local Joint Venture to undertake aircraft maintenance at the new Hong Kong International Airport. This included:

    Created company structure/business plans with China, Hong Kong and US partners.
    Ramp and Hangar maintenance plans and negotiation with the Airport Authority.
    Developed/managed Project Plan to meet the operational date within approved budget.
    Evaluated other opportunities in aircraft maintenance throughout China and Vietnam.
    Managed teams of BA Engineers posted to work in Hong Kong and China.

1989–94         Strategic Planning Manager–Heathrow Airport, London                                  

Managed the development and support of Business Strategies and 5-year Business Plans for global BA Engineering business. Activities included:

    Airport, Facilities and Manpower planning.
    Business Relocation and Organisational Restructuring.
    Benchmarking and Reporting of overall Business Performance.
    A key member of BA corporate team developing Business initiatives in Asia.
    Architect of BA Engineering’s Devolution Strategy with the relocation of its

    principal maintenance facilities from London Heathrow Airport to Wales, including BAMC B747 heavy maintenance facility at Cardiff Airport.

 1984–89         Maintenance Planning Manager–Heathrow Airport, London.

Managed overall corporate maintenance planning department and maintenance plans for a

300+ fleet of 12 major types being maintained at 8 maintenance bases:

    Manger and custodian of master maintenance plans from 5-years to 5-weeks ahead for all British Airways and customer aircraft
    Leadership of Strategic Planning department and evaluation of overall M&E performance.
    Leadership and project management of all major M&E facilities developments.
    Primary roles on behalf of Engineering Director and M&E Division in the evaluation of airline Mergers, Acquisitions and JV propositions.

Ray’s work as a consultant has included the following assignments:

China Guangzhou Maintenance Engineering Company

Management review and recommendations re GAMECO business and new facilities at the new Guangzhou International Airport.

City of Londonderry Airport

Review and recommendations for new MRO opportunities and facilities at CODY airport.

China Aircraft Services Limited

Development of concept designs and functional specification for a new CASL wide-body hangar at Hong Kong International Airport.

Air Astana

Development of an overall M&E facilities strategy for Air Astana in Kazakhstan, together with specification of individual hangar tenders and design.  Full business audit of Air Astana Engineering & Maintenance.

Bangkok Airways

Development of Bangkok airways M&E Business and Facilities Strategy, including conceptual designs/costing of a new Maintenance/Operations Base at new Bangkok International Airport.

BAE Systems

Assessed and recommended the development of the maintenance organisation, facilities and resources for a national Asian airline.


Led and assisted AeroMexico M&E in the development of their business strategy, business plan, planning processes and labour productivity evaluation.      

Speedwing/DARA (St. Athan)

Assessed market opportunities and potential for DARA to enter into the civil aircraft Maintenance and Engineering business


Reassessed business plan and risks for development of Engine Overhaul JV in Far East

Private Client

Provided expertise in the design/development of a multi-bay maintenance facility in England.


Provided airline M&E expertise and advice in an Activity Base Costing exercise at St. Athan.

Brymon Airways

Benchmarking of M&E performance and best practices. Re-focused a new M&E management team and supporting them to achieve improved airline and organizational performance.

GE Engine Services

Evaluated specific potential business and technological opportunities, and undertook various market surveys in the field of airline M&E.

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