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Derek Done

derec done sDerek is a distinguished transport economist with more than 40 years’ experience of economic research and consultancy in civil aviation, road transport and tourism.

For 20 years Derek worked as a senior economist at British Airways in the airline's Corporate Strategy Department. Here he monitored the business environment within which British Airways operated, making detailed assessments of implications for travel demand in major markets for the airline’s passenger and cargo business. This work included periodic reviews of the economies of countries served by the airline, and frequent detailed macro-economic forecasts to provide the basis for both short and long term planning exercises.

Derek closely monitored the general levels of economic activity in all of the countries making up the key markets for British Airways, translating this into demand forecasts for the airline. Derek’s work was also used by the airline as input into UK Government studies at the time that British Airways and its predecessor companies were in State ownership. This was especially important at the time of privatisation.

Since leaving British Airways, Derek has worked as a consultant providing support for of projects undertaken by a number major air transport consultancies including IATA. These studies have entailed the preparations of forecasts of air transport passenger and cargo demand in the context of a number of airports including Abu Dhabi, Berlin, Hyderabad, Krakow, Kilimanjaro, Malta, Mumbai, Munich, Muscat, and several UK regional airports. Derek has also carried out detailed airline passenger and cargo traffic forecasting to support airline strategy development in Africa, Europe, South America and Asia. Derek has a vast experience of airline forecasting for many countries in the world.

Derek is also a prolific author. He currently writes reports on transport travel and tourism topics for the Key Note publishing group. He previously also has written management reports for the Financial Times. Derek has over 60 publications to his name.

Derek has an M.Sc. in Economics and Econometrics at Birkbeck College London University, and a B.Sc. (Economics) from University College London. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and a Fellow of the Institute of Travel and Tourism.

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