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Tim Leblond


Tim is an IT consultant, specialising in the strategic implementation of IT infrastructure and prior to leaving British Airways was responsible for the IT infrastructure projects for Heathrow Terminal 5.

Tim has in-depth experience at developing the strategic use of information technology to meet the demands of an international airline business and also held the position of deputy Chief Technical Officer for IT at BA.


During his long engagement at British Airways, Tim held a number of positions that has enabled him to perform different roles within the IT department. These roles have included management positions in IT operations (as Network Operations Manager), IT planning and deployment (in various IT Delivery Manager positions – UK and Overseas), IT business management (as IT Business Development Manager), technical strategy and IT infrastructure development (last role before retiring and as Deputy CTO/Head of Technical Solutions). Tim has worked in collaboration with SITA in developing a transitional project to move BA to internet technologies which are very much the infrastructure in use today.

In carrying out these roles, Tim worked both as technical specialist gaining experience in planning, design, implementation and support and as a junior, later as a senior manager in managing the portfolios and teams of technical specialists. He also worked closely with key suppliers as partners in major projects, such as achieving our telecommunications/network strategy, a desktop refresh programme etc.
Before leaving BA, Tim was Head of IT Infrastructure Design & Provisioning responsible for all IT and telecommunications platforms and services for BA and associated companies. Tim was the Project Manager accountable for the T5 IT infrastructure design and provisioning and this was a unique project were for the first time the airport authority (BAA) and it’s tenant (BA) had co-operated in sharing parts of the infrastructure to meet the demands of a large and complex building programme. Tim gained considerable insight into the complexities of technical, business and political management that manifested in this relationship.

Since retiring from full-time employment with British Airways, Tim has spent some 18 months providing IT consultancy services, and joined MSP Solutions in April 2011.
Tim completed his MBA at Lancaster University as a member of the British Airways Senior Management Academy.

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