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Professor Norman Shanks FSyI


Professor Norman Shanks, FSyI, is a senior consultant with MSP Solutions Ltd and founder and Principal Partner of NSAI. With over forty years operational, management and consultancy experience in international civil aviation, Norman is a world-renowned expert with a wealth of experience embracing all areas of International, Government, airport and airline security.

Professor Norman Shanks FSyI is a specialist security and business management consultancy, is an established professional in the aviation security industry, he a Visiting Professor in Aviation Security at Coventry University, and a Fellow of The Security Institute, who is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in aviation security with over forty years operational, management and consultancy experience in international civil aviation.

During his career, Norman has worked closely with a number of Governmental security development agencies, including the UK DfT, Home Office Scientific Branch and the US Technical Development Department (formerly FAA) in Atlantic City, and also the major international regulatory bodies such as ICAO, ECAC etc. He has also worked closely with a number of security industry manufacturing companies and has worked with many on the development of new technologies and adaptation of existing systems to meet specific aviation security requirements. He has a broad experience and knowledge of international aviation security regulations including ICAO, ECAC as well as the European Union, in addition he is fully conversant with all aviation security process and procedures, having devised and developed some of the current industry standard procedures and security screening systems.

As Airport Security Manager for Heathrow Airport (1986-1991), he was responsible for planning and developing the airport security policies, operational and training procedures. He was one of the leading industry representatives working closely with the State Regulator in developing a range of essential security enhancements to the UK National Security Programme following the Lockerbie incident. He took on the role of Head of Group Security for BAA Plc. from1991 to1996, during which he conceived and designed the multi-level integrated 100% hold baggage screening installation which has since become the conceptual design behind every 100% HBS integrated installations world-wide. At the same period he was also represented the ACI-Europe in the ECAC Security Working Group where he was actively involved in European state level discussions discussing how these critical enhancements could be adopted into’ the European security regime

During 1996 to 1997 he was based in Hong Kong where he was head of safety and security for the Airport Authority Hong Kong working on the new Hong Kong International Airport development, in this role he was responsible for planning and developing the aviation security and safety systems and operations for the new airport operation

He is co-author of a Professional Engineering Press Publication on key Airport Security Processes and Procedures titled the ‘Handbook of Checked Baggage Screening –Advanced Airport Security Operation’ and contributing author on Aviation Security: Challenges and Solutions. He has also published numerous articles in leading aviation and transport publications and is a frequent specialist guest on television and radio news programmes, including Sky News, BBC, Channel 4, the Al Jazeera English Channel and others.


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