People Management

People are by far the largest single resource of most companies, including those in the aviation sector, and are undoubtedly the most important. They define the Company’s policy, deliver the Company’s services, provide the primary means of communication with customers and translate the Company’s policy objectives into practical action.
Change Management
Organisations are regularly undergoing change in order to remain efficient in today's demanding business world. Major changes to a process, system or structure are readily identified but most organisations do not give sufficient consideration to planning change and fail to appreciate the impact on staff - of even minor change - often with disastrous results.
MSP Solutions can offer a full solution to any change programme of any size utilising an organisational effectiveness model to ensure all aspects of the organisation are taken into consideration during the planning process. MSP recognises that change must be driven from within the organisation and will assist and give full support with the planning of change and training the staff in change issues to ensure that both the staff managing the change and those affected by it, have the appropriate skills.
Giving appropriate consideration to change issues will ensure that staff welcome, embrace and build on change to ensure consistent, successful outcomes

Training, Learning & Development
For any organisation to remain abreast of today’s demanding business environment, it is essential that staff regularly receive appropriate training and participates in development programmes. This will ensure that skills are kept up to date and that staff are able to take on new challenges.
In addition, the “soft” techniques of interpersonal skills are essential in any service industry or where there is an interface with the public.
MSP Solutions can support the Client through the design and preparation of a learning and development strategy, by carrying out an analysis of training needs analysis or a complete training evaluation.
MSP Solutions is also able to provide specific courses. These courses are tailor made to meet the needs of an organisation, department or team and are flexible in terms of content, delivery and timings.
MSP Solutions is able to prepare and deliver courses on the following topics:

  •     Train the Trainer
  •     Presentational skills
  •     Facilitation / Influencing Skills
  •     Change Management
  •     Induction Courses Performance Management (including staff appraisal)
  •     Customer Service Skills including telephone techniques and making public address announcements
  •     Coaching Skills
  •     Time Management
  •     Dealing with Difficult People
  •     Supervisory and Leadership Skills
  •     Basic IT training in PowerPoint, Excel and Word
  •     HR related topics including Selection Interviewing, Handling Disciplinary Hearings and Equal Opportunities, etc.
  •     Report Writing
  •     Team Building (training of team building skills and/or the design and delivery of a team building event)

Organisations frequently identify members of staff, at all levels, who require individual development. Their needs could be related to performance issues, changing roles, talent management, career counselling or home/work balance.
We are able to provide development schemes, tailor made for individuals to meet their specific needs. Having identified the issues using proven tools and techniques, action plans would be jointly developed. Full support and guidance would be provided for each individual to bring the action plan to a successful outcome.

Individual Development Schemes
Organisations will be able to provide individual members of staff with the opportunity to fulfil their full potential and maximise business benefits. Staff provided with individual development schemes will feel valued as a member of the organisation and are more likely to remain loyal and committed to making a successful contribution to the organisation

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