Security Management

MSP Solutions has highly skilled technical and operational airport managers with many years of senior management and project experience in the security domain.

Passenger, Baggage and Aircraft
In today's world, safety and security in the transport environment have become primary issues of public concern and this is especially true for civil aviation.

Constant vigilance, the ability to anticipate the actions of would-be criminals or terrorists and pre-emptive protection measures are vital components of safety and security measures in civil aviation today. This is an area where fast moving technology and leveraging of analytical skills and processes are making an increasingly large impact in the industry.  Unfortunately it is also an industry where new threats are constantly emerging; consequently new measures are continually needed to combat these threats.

The aviation business is founded on safety and security.  Only effective management combined with regular auditing/monitoring can deliver the high standards required in today's security climate.

Our approach with clients is first to fully understand the existing security management interfaces. MSP Solutions can produce a comprehensive and unambiguous framework for the whole security management process, including the use of computer based training/auditing technology.  This framework could include development of appropriate training packages, introduction of new security procedures, audit control systems, etc.

MSP Solutions delivers an effective and good value for money approach to managing the whole security product.

Robust and reliable security processes and procedures are crucial to ensure an effective overall security system.

Many countries insist that regulatory approval will only be given on the basis of a comprehensive set of documented procedures. However, of equal importance is the ability to have consistent compliance with these processes and procedures. MSP Solutions works with clients to first fully understand the existing security procedures and processes.  This will not only relate to passengers, but will include management, staff, vehicles and cargo.

MSP Solutions will produce cost-effective programmes designed to ensure compliance with National and International Regulations. Devising these solutions meeting the client’s need is only part of the capability that we offer.  In addition we assist the client in its development, integration and implementation.

We also provide technical advice and deliver appropriate HR training and change management programmes.

MSP Solutions believes these objectives can only be achieved by working in partnership with its clients.  We are committed to effective delivery of any change management programmes that may be required to ensure the installation of a set of robust and reliable safety and security processes and procedures.

Access Control
Security access control systems, combined with screening arrangements, form the back-bone of any security system.  Access control techniques take a number of formats, but every one must be of the highest integrity.  One of the most critical factors is the ability to verify that access is only granted to bona-fide persons.                

MSP Solutions works with clients to understand fully the existing security access control procedures and processes.  This will not only relate to passengers, but will include staff, vehicles and cargo.

We produce cost-effective solutions designed to ensure compliance with National/International regulations and with suitable control systems which relate to passenger/traffic volumes and prevailing technologies.

Integrated Systems
Developing a high integrity secure environment involves technology, people and processes.  The key to getting the appropriate level of security for a business is to achieve the right

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