Technical Management

MSP Solutions offers a wide range of aviation consulting know-how and experience based on professional expertise in the industry including managing in senior positions.  This gives us an insider view facilitating a deeper understanding of the critical issues that are facing aviation today.
Airlines and Airports
Airlines and airports are typically characterised by a great diversity of organisations and stakeholders who influence business outcomes. For success, all these organisations have to work together efficiently to provide a seamless service to the passenger and cargo customers.

Roles and responsibilities must be clearly understood, focused on service delivery and driving the business forward. Successful airlines and airports in today's commercial environment need management at all levels to understand the importance of teamwork and put it into practice.  

MSP Solutions has a variety of people with considerable experience in all aspects of airport and airline management.  We fully understand the need to have clarity of management goals and the necessary competencies.  

MSP Solutions offers airline and airport clients practical advice and solutions to understand and resolve problems.  The exceptional combination of diverse experience and skills of its consultants gives MSP Solutions a powerful understanding of the industry that few other consulting organisations can offer to their clients. Our services extend from master planning and detailed airline and airport operational advice, to evaluation and development of facilities, such as aircraft MROs, for example, see report on Glasgow MRO.

Airfield Operations
Airfield Operations embrace a wide range of activities and staff skills.  Clarity of understanding and responsibilities is essential to safe and effective airfield operations.  These include:-

  •     Inspection and enforcement of safety standards
  •     Security for aircraft, passengers, cargo and perimeter protection
  •     Control of aircraft and vehicles
  •     Management of airfield lighting and navigation systems
  •     Allocation of aircraft parking stands
  •     Planning for new aircraft types
  •     Ensuring agreed cleanliness standards are achieved
  •     Minimisation of bird strike potential
  •     Training of third party users, etc.

MSP Solutions consultants have a broad understanding of the airline/airport/air traffic management interfaces.  Our people are well versed in the ICAO, IATA and EU frameworks which impact on nearly all aspects of airfield operations.  We can deliver a wide range of solutions to the many airfield problems experienced in today's dynamic operations.

Technical Projects
MSP Solutions’ consultants also have considerable experience of assessment and analysis of technical projects such as Terminal Design, Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Facilities (MRO), Cargo Warehousing etc.  These are important activities in supporting the long term development and economic growth of airport and airline businesses.  

Project Management
MSP Solutions’ project management capability concentrates on the efficient delivery of complex multi-discipline projects.  We specialise in providing project managers with the skills and the knowledge needed to really understand our clients' business requirements.  

We adopt a rigorous management process which involves monitoring and control of Cost, Time and Quality.    

Our people have experience of managing both large and small projects in the transport sector.  These include major multi-discipline projects for BAA, British Airways, Heathrow Express, London Underground and UK Department for Transport, as well as projects in Russia, Kazakhstan and the European Union.

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